The Rants And Ravings Of A Small Town Girl…

It has been on my heart for a long time to start a blog.  I’ve always had the excuse that I don’t have time.  Working full time and being the mom of 4 busy kids it was a good and valid excuse.  This fall my husband and I sent our second child off to college and our lives have slowed down significantly.  So I don’t really have that excuse any more. So here I go.  I’m starting a blog.

One of the main purposes for this blog is for me to share my story of how I transitioned out of Mormonism and overcame some severe mental health problems.  I struggled with depression through most of my adolescents and early adulthood.  It wasn’t until I realized the love and grace of Jesus Christ that I was able to overcome these struggles and find true joy and happiness.  I hope that I can touch the lives of many and help them also find truth and happiness.  So welcome to the rants and ravings of a small town girl…lighthouse-quote


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